Ridgecrest Race Recap – Woodward Race Products

Montclair, CA – April 8, 2013:  The King Shocks HDRA 250 in Ridgecrest, California featured three vehicles entered in the race that are prepped using the WRP line of premium threadlocker – Justin Davis in the #85 TT, Kory Halopoff/Richard Boyle in the #156 Class 1 car and Erik Harp in the #119 Class 1 car.

Justin Davis qualified 7th against some of the top unlimited teams and drivers in the world on Friday.  Justin picked his way through the field Saturday despite the extremely rough and dusty conditions.  As he ran the final lap, he was second on the road behind the legendary team of Tim Herbst/Larry Roeseler.  In his post-race interview, Justin described the strategy of “latching on to the rear bumper” of these Baja champions to maintain his lead on corrected time.  “The WRP Threadlocker worked awesome holding the truck together all day, but it really showed how well it works on the last lap when I gave it everything the truck had to win the race.”  This is Justin’s first win in TT in the newly formed SCORE/HDRA World Championship series in his Green Army / WRP Trophy Truck.

The big winner in Class 1 this weekend was the Motion Tire team of Kory Halopoff and Richard Boyle.  When Kory qualified on Friday, he was the fastest qualifying Class 1 car which would put him 4th off the line Saturday morning for the race.  Kory ran a blistering pace all day on the very technical and challenging Ridgecrest race course, flirting with the overall lead on corrected time the first half of the race.  Kory, a previous SCORE Class 1 champion said the course was “as rough as any other course he could remember racing” and described it as “rough, rocky, silty, technical… just gnarly.”  Kory was able to work his way through lap traffic and the tough course to take 1st in Class 1 and a top 5 finish overall.  Kory not only knows how to wheel a car, but he also preps what he drives and has been using the WRP Threadlocker for over a year.  “It just works awesome – best stuff I have used” he said.

The second Green Army entry on the day was that of Erik Harp in the #119 Class 1.  Riding in the co-driver seat the entire race would be VP of Marketing for WRP, Jared Tetzlaff.  Being the first time this duo teamed up in a car, Erik decided to take a rear start for the race on Saturday.  As the new team pre-ran Thursday & Friday, it was clear the course was going to get really chewed up on race day.  Jared said, “What better way to trust what you sell than to jump in a Class 1 car in the Off-Road World Championship to go for a ride.  Our strategy was to see how the course worked in and run a steady pace that would keep us in the hunt.”   The #119 team did just that and ran the course with absolutely no problems the first three laps.  As they chased the eventual third place finisher out onto the course on the final lap, they were in third place on corrected time.  “The holes got bigger, the dust got thicker, and the microwave sized rocks were in a different place every lap on this very technical course” said Jared.  Picking their way through the numerous hazards,  the Green Army / WRP Class 1 car was in third place on corrected time when they got two flat tires just 4 miles from the finish line, relegating them to a hard-fought 4th place in Class 1 and top 10 overall.

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